MUST READ : For brand ignoramuses (like me)

Some of us guys are just plain ignoramuses when it comes those high end luxury brands (perhaps ignorance is bliss??), dont get your LA PERLA knickers in a knot, help is here :). I got the idea for this post from my facebook friend Gino Borromeo. Here’s a quick lesson on brands to appear to be in the know when you are

1) attending fashion week (I probably wont get an invite in my lifetime but I am just saying….)

2) out shopping in the malls and you are trying to impress whoever you are with

3) going to see your client (who is one of these brands) and you dont want to come across as newbie

LOUIS VUITTON pronounced as loo-eee veeton, NOT loo-is veeton

LOEWE pronounced as loe-eh-veh

GIVENCHY pronounced as gee-vahn-shee

CHANEL pronounced as shea-nell NOT channel (as in TV channel)

YVES SAINT LAURENT (YSL) pronounced as eev-sahnt-lo-ran

VERSACE pronounced as veer-saa-chey

L’OCCITANE pronounced as lock-see-tan

MOET pronounced as mo-eh

BALENCIAGA pronounced as ba-lend-see-ahh-ga

SHISEIDO pronounced as shee-say-doh

ESTEE LAUDER pronounced as Sss-tee-law-der

L’OREAL pronounced as lor-rh-eh-al

HERMES pronounced as  erh-mess

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN pronounced as christian-loo-vhoo-tan

MOSCHINO pronounced as moss-kee-no

LANVIN pronounced as lawn-vahnn

CHRISTIAN LACROIX pronounced as christian-laa-quah

Here are some brand trivia from Asia:

MAZDA pronounced mazz-da originally was MAT-SU-DA, named after the founder of the company

TOYOTA proounced toh-yo-taa originally was TOYODA, named after the founder’s name

YAMAHA started out as a piano manufacturer before diversifying to motorcycles, if you look at the YAHAMA logo, it has 3 pitch tuning forks.

LENOVO, China biggest computer manufacturer was previously called LEGEND.

LG , one of Korea’s major global consumer electronics players was originally LUCKY GOLDSTAR, I am sure you agree with me that LG sounds better!

Are there any unpronounceable brand names you have come across? or any interesting brand stories to share?

Photo courtesy of Google images

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