Managing my energy levels

I have been around the block a couple of times, by now I have made peace with my inner angst, done some silly things and yet live to tell the tale and also learned a lot about myself, what makes me tick.

One of the things I discovered about myself is managing my energy levels, especially during “prime time” at work, when I have to be alert, sharp, articulate and on top of my game. If world class athletes and football players have special diets and down time to keep them at their peak performance during game time, I figured I can achieve “almost” the same effect for myself πŸ™‚

I know it is different for everyone. I have figured out that I am a morning person! I might NOT be one of those people that gets up at the crack of dawn to go for a 10km run but from the moment instant my eyes open, I usually spring out of bed, raring to go. My breakfast is usually light (Weetbix or toast) and I am off to the “factory”.

9am to 11am is my most productive time of the day, I usually attend to the urgent, complicated, “thinking” or sensitive agenda items during these hours.

At 11am, I treat myself to a coffee at Dimbulah’s (fabulous Aussie coffee cafe, it is hard to find good coffee in Singapore). Gives me to chance to get out of the office, get some fresh air, stretch the legs. Then after that short break, power on for a few hours before lunch.

Lunch time is always a dilemma, do I go for carbo heavy gastronomic feasts like Indian spicy dishes with rice, Malay curry chicken with rice or yummy Chinese noodles with all sorts of condiments and gravies? OR a light caesar salad or a vege chicken wrap with fresh greens? If I have a busy afternoon of meetings, its has to be salads and wraps, otherwise the 3pm zombie hour will have me nodding off during my meetings. Oh BTW I converted one of the meeting rooms of my office to a “lounge room” setting with 2 sofas and a coffee table that doubles up as a siesta room for the days a power nap is badly needed. I think the Spaniards, Mexicans, Chinese, Vietnamese got it right with the afternoon siestas as a must in the middle of a work day. Sadly, I dont get to use the sofa (much).

5 to 6pm, I get my 2nd wind. Energy levels return to hit the gym or social dinner & drinks. What happens after that I do not think it is appropriate to share on my blog πŸ™‚

There are people that have trouble with getting up in the mornings, tired constantly, lack of vitality and energy. There could be tons of reasons – mentally exhausted, poor lifestyle choices, nutrition and sleep habits. I have nothing against all of that (I am guilty of it myself sometimes) but when it affects your performance at work or school, well, that is a personal discipline issue that needs addressing.

BUT come the weekend, it is a totally different set of rules. Its time to re-charge the ol’ batteries. Good food! Lazy afternoon naps! Lots of outdoor activities!

What is your most productive time of the day? How do you maintain your energy levels? Please share!

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