Rehab + Self Discipline, Need It NOW more than EVER

This might sound like a bold public statement but I need to go to rehab and be more self disciplined now more than ever!

Now, before you think Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan or Tiger Woods…my name is Steven Pang and I am increasingly addicted to online distractions.

We are connected 24×7 to our online world thanks to the ubiquitous smart phones that is only an arm’s length away and other affordable technology devices and broadband services. Thru these means we have been inundated with highly addictive distractions in the form of our social media network (e.g. facebook, twitter, msn, renren, weibo, pengyou, mixi, ameba…etc)Ā  and games (e.g. angry birds, farmville, cityville, mafia wars, fruit ninja, words with friends etc….).

Every minute of the day in the office, in meetings, there are “pings” and “dings”, and the natural reaction is to click or glance to see the lastest watsapp message, facebook post or tweet. I am as guilty of this as the next person and personally, I know myself too well, when I have to focus to get something done, I have to turn off all these notifications. Frankly, I am easily distracted and lousy at multitasking (and I hear the ladies say…”but of course, you are a man”).

At home, some of us are online until the wee hours of the night/morning, sacrificing precious sleep hours for our increasing dosage of sweet addictive online entertainment. Its a vicious habit and cycle, the lack of proper sleep which results in us not being as sharp during office hours which is why we turn to our other addictions, “genki” drinks (e.g. red bull), lattes and espressos to make it thru the day.

Is it just me who thinks that we can be more effective and deliver better performances if we are more self disciplined and limit our online distraction habits during prime time work hours?

So from today, I am going to walk my talk:

1) I will not be online past 1230am on Sunday nights to Thursday nights. For a start, I will be posting this blog post at 12am šŸ™‚

2) I will not logging on to facebook and twitter while I am in the office between 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm unless I REALLY need to use it for work purposes. I will allow myself a “fix” at lunch time and during my downtime (in cabs on the way to meetings or coffee breaks).

3) I will not check my phone for messages when I am in a meeting, out of respect for the people in the meeting.

Any other suggestions on how I can discipline myself to be more efficient and productive during “prime time”? I am open to hear your ideas šŸ™‚ I will update you on my progress.

Photo courtesy of Google Images + Amy Winehouse

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