Social Media, Where You At?

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One of the business topics that I bring up for discussions when I meet with clients is what are they doing for their social media strategy? It’s a hot topic, everyone has an interest in it.

In most cases, they KNOW they need to be in it but have very fuzzy ideas on what to do. Social media is something to embark into wholeheartedly, it’s jump in boots and all or nothing. It is not something you go in half way.

Here are some common discussion points:

  • Where to begin? Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Youtube, blogs? It maybe all the above or selected platforms, depending on your type of business and purpose of getting on the social media to connect with your target audience.
  • How to handle the responses when inevitably there will be positive or negative responses from the target audience. Do they need a full time staff to monitor and respond to haters/genuine comments? Could they trust a junior employee to respond on behalf of the company or should they outsource it? Contingency plans, a company should always have a contingency plan if it didn’t go as well as hope for.
  • How to promote the company/brand and get fans. I went to restaurant recently, where the manager “bribed” me a café latte to “like” their fan site and if I post the picture of my Mexican brunch. I happily accepted the free coffee. When I had time to look through their Facebook page later, I could see why he was having problems getting “fans”. In my view, it comes down to content. For people to engage, you will need to be interesting and provide informative, rich content. Social media is a new adventure for everyone, a company should have a learning process which allows them to understand what’s working and what didn’t and share the learnings with the whole organization.
  • Finally, we come to the subject of talent, our specialty. Where to find these rare social media talents? What does a hot social media person look like? I have seen job descriptions that ask for 8 years experience in social media. Obviously an impossible criteria to fulfill as Facebook and Twitter have only been around for 8 years. Generally, social media gurus, are the people that were early adopters of Twitter, Facebook and blogs… the hot talents are also aware of the latest web/mobile technologies. The latest technologies will change the way we connect and interact with each other.

From my anecdotal experience in talking to companies in the market, most of Asia is just scratching the surface of embarking onto social media. All to look forward to!

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