Prepare For Success!

Prepare for Success!

Prepare for Success!

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure” Confucius

As a recruiter, part of the value add that I deliver to candidates I represent to my clients (employers), is to prepare them before they go for an interview so that they can deliver the best first impression and hence give them the best chance to be successful in getting the job . In my opinion, one of the key things to do before going for an interview is thorough preparation!

Thorough preparation? Really? Why can’t I just wing it? You know, go with the flow.
To that my response would be, you have one chance to create the best impression, why risk blowing that chance? Once the damage is done, you will seldom get a second bite of the cherry to correct it. How important is this potential new job to you?

Here’s my thought process on preparation for an interview:
The more thorough the preparation, the better -> the more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel -> the more confident you feel, the more confident you come across in the interview -> the more confident you come across in the interview, the higher the chance you will impress in the interview -> the more impressive you are in the interview, the better the chance of you getting that job that you want!

Here are some tips on how to prepare for an interview:

Know the company
Research the company’s website, check out their company LinkedIn page or facebook page (if they have one). Be familiar with their products and services, their history, their story, their USP (unique selling points), what sets them apart from their competitors. You will come across as someone that is keen on them because you had bothered to do your homework. Good start!

Know the interviewer
Research their background on LinkedIn. remember interesting things that stick out from their LinkedIn profile. where he/she went to school, their employers, their career, influencers they follow, mutual contacts, what they post…anything that you can identify as a connection point to serve as an ice breaker to start a conversation.

Its human nature to like someone with similar values, with common interests. It is also natural to like to be complimented on one’s achievements. If you can do these things sincerely without coming across as trying too hard to please, its the fastest and most effective way to connect via human “chemistry”.

Know their needs and help them to fulfill the need
A job opening exist to solve a problem or to grow revenue/business. Your chances of getting the job will increase tremendously if you can demonstrate and convince the interviewer that YOU are the one to address the need and solve the problem.

Ask the interviewer, what are the business issues that needs addressing? what keeps them awake at night? what are the growth plans for the business?

Once you have a good understanding of the needs of the business, tailor your response to the interviewer with how you are able to address them based on your creative out of the box ideas, provide them solutions based on your previous experience, track record and successful case studies in dealing with similar business challenges. In order for you to do that you need to be prepared and be on top of your facts and figures when presenting your case studies, solutions based on how you plan to attack the issues and successfully over coming them.

The best preparation for your best work tomorrow is to do good work today!

Steven Pang

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